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The Frameloc System completes your installation with Heavy Duty Cleats by adding a Security Tee Screw to lock your frame to the wall, keeping your artwork safe from damage or theft. Great for hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other public space applications.

The Frameloc kits for wood frames contain hardware for both the frame and the wall.

4 products found in Frameloc for Wood Frames

Tee Screw & Mounting Bracket Poly Bag - PB425
  • $0.53
Frameloc for Wood Frames - bulk pack for 100 frames - BPW3
  • $120.83
Frameloc for Wood Frames - poly bag for 1 frame - PBW3
  • $3.17
Frameloc for large Wood Frames - bulk pack for 100 frames - BPW4
  • $344.49

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