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These precision made solid rods are a great way to easily hang and arrange pictures on any wall. Their elegance works equally well in both traditional and contemporary settings. Their versatility makes them optimal for galleries and exhibitions.

The adjustable hangers move simply up and down the rod to accommodate multiple pictures and varying heights. The rods are fabricated in our own factory and are available in 5, 6, or 8 foot lengths. Each rod includes one hanger and can be used with a minimum weight of 5lbs. and a maximum of 35lbs. (Over 35lbs. use 2 rods).

3 products found in French Art Gallery Rods

"OG" Channel Gallery Rods - includes hanger - FW1211
  • $23.31
Hanger for Gallery Rods - FW1220
  • $10.59
"J" Channel Gallery Rods - includes hanger - FW1210
  • $23.31

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